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5 Trading Forums That Will Make You A Better Trader

When it comes to trading education, you can learn a lot from the long time traders who hang out on trading forums.

When I first started trading (or at least learning how to trade) trading forums were a great place to meet other traders and learn from them.

While it’s true that there are a lot of uninformed traders shouting their mouths off in these forums, it’s also true that there are humble, knowledgeable traders who frequent these forums to help newer traders make their way.

And you can usually spot who these traders are.

With that said, here are my 5 favorite trading forums that definitely helped make me the trader I am today.

This is the software company that puts out Telechart my favorite charting software so you better believe I’m a member of their forum and a proud Worden Knight “Sir Free Market Thinker”.

This forum is filled with very well informed traders trading refined approaches.


A huge, comprehensive message board with tons of members and thousands of posts. if you have a question, normally you will find the answer in their archives.

Traders Laboratory

Another fantastic forum with lots of members posting both videos and charts.

Elite Trader

Another huge trading forum with posts covering just about every trading topic you could think of.

Check out their Hall of Fame Threads on their home page — you’ll be glad you did!

Big Mike’s Trading Forum

This is a trading forum I’ve only recently started frequenting, but it’s full of solid traders who are eager to share.

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