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50 Quick Trading Tips to Help You Stop Sucking as a Trader

When I first started trading, I sucked.


During that time I promised myself if I ever gained any level of competence in this area that I would pass along my knowledge, every day that I could.


Because sucking as a trader is one of the most painful things you can do. It’s lonely. It’s frustrating.

And it’s tiring.

Best of all, not sucking as a trader has everything to do with you and how willing you are to let go of limiting beliefs and start doing what works.

With that said, let’s take a look at…

50 Quick Trading Tips to Help you Stop Sucking as a Trader.

1. Don’t be a spaz – learn to understand and manage your emotions
2. Stop checking your charts every 5 minutes
3. Create a trading plan — and stick to it
4. Learn how to backtest
5. Take all those lame indicators off your charts
6. Stop trading — when you are losing everyday, not losing is the same as winning
7. Decide once and for all, breakouts or no breakouts
8. Understand randomness
9. Stop taking it personally
10. Stop expecting perfection
11. Don’t ever load up on a single position
12. Stop competing with other traders
13. Stop arguing in chat rooms
14. Stop telling others about your positions
15. Learn a few profitable patterns and stick with them
16. Learn what works for you no matter if others think it’s “wrong”
17. Learn about the different order types, and use them
18. Stop setting your stops too tight
19. Close your freaking losers, you loser
20. Let your winners run if you want to be a winner
21. Don’t expect gurus to make you a winner
22. Be prepared to pay for you education
23. Stop fighting the market
24. Turn off CNBC for at least 3 years…and maybe forever
25. Stop expecting overnight riches
26. Save up some real trading capital
27. Stop hunting for the holy grail
28. Don’t believe in trading robots
29. Start taking responsibility for your own eff ups
30. Be honest with yourself about who you are
31. Learn how to view losing money
32. Admit when the trade isn’t working
33. Plan your trade before you press buy
34. Stop buying everything you see
35. Commit to the process
36. Stop with the conspiracy theories
37. Pretend you run a professional trading firm
38. Stop stalking your closed trades
39. Stop over-thinking everything
40. Stop buying after the move
41. Stop selling panic
42. Stop trading the news
43. Learn how to interpret sentiment
44. Become a better listener
45. Take note of what’s working for others
46. Don’t marry a method
47. Check the general market first
48. Stop trading because you’re bored
49. Get a life outside of trading
50. Insert your rules here.

No doubt there are tons more rules and guidelines for trading — these are just the ones that worked for me.   One of these days I’ll have to put together a post of 50 awesome quotes from trading superstars.

Stay tuned.

What are your favorite rules or guidelines?  List them in the comments.

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