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20 Things You Can do When You Need a Break from Trading

I know this sounds weird coming from me — because I am freaking obsessed with the market — but are you taking enough time off from trading?

Like anything else trading can become an all consuming activity if we don’t check ourselves and go get some freaking rest.

I know — it’s happened to me before.  Especially in the beginning when I was losing for three years straight.

Back then I’d stay up all night — backtesting, reading trading books, studying the pros and how they traded. Then I’d go to work in the morning.  And do it all over again after 5pm.


It was even worse when I was losing.  I would obsess endlessly over finding the holy grail to trading.  The magic indicator that was never wrong.  The trading guru with the 100% winning streak.

Seriously — if this is you, then take some time off!  Now.  The market will be here when you get back.

So what do I do when I need some time away?  I’ll tell you.

My top 20 things to do when I’m not trading

  1. Blog (duhhhh)
  2. Read — sometimes about trading — but I’m not sure this counts
  3. Work out
  4. Go to the movies
  5. Hit the beach
  6. Surf (living down the street from the beach rocks!)
  7. Go skating on my longboard
  8. Buy a cheap watch (that I’ll wear for a week)
  9. Hit up the book store.
  10. Ride my fixie bike
  11. Buy some new clothes
  12. Go to a coffee shop
  13. Hang out at a park
  14. Tweet random trading tweets (okay — that might be like trading)
  15. Do P90X (the plyometrics workout will kick your ass)
  16. Go buy some Adidas (what can I say — I like sneakers)
  17. Write a movie (I’ve written 14 — nearly got an agent — am totally getting one this year)
  18. Go to a lounge club or a rave
  19. Listen to music
  20. Wash my car (I like to keep that baby clean)

See — there are a lot of things we can do besides obsess over trading.  And once I figured out what those things were — it made my life a whole lot easier and my trading got better, too.

What do you like to do besides trade?  List some of your fave steam-blower-offers in the comments below and make sure you do them regularly!


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