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As A Trader — Here’s What I Suck At

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes me.  Here’s what I’m working on…

As a trader – I have plenty of room to grow.  In fact, you might even say that there are some areas of trading that I definitely SUCK at.

From my perspective, pretending that you are perfect at everything guarantees you won’t get better at it.  So, in the interest of getting better, here’s a list of things I suck at, what I want to work on, and what I’m interested in learning more about.

  • Day trading.
  • Going short
  • Closing at stops
  • Sticking to a method

I swear – sometimes I think I’m all over the place.  Character flaw?


But in any event – these are the things I want to discuss on my blog.  Because the best learning moments come from working through something.  By making those moments public – I hope to keep myself honest and focused.

When it comes to financial goals, mine are pretty simple:

  • Become a financially independent trader (pay for my life with trading).
  • Teach others to be become independent traders (if I make it)

For the blog/website I want to accomplish a couple things as well:

  • Share my thoughts with other retail traders.
  •  Have a place where other retail traders can share thoughts with each other.

I’m not here to always be right – or to say that I know more than anyone and everyone about trading – or to sell anyone a bunch of worthless crap.  I simply like to talk about the stock market.  And if you know me then you know I like to talk a lot!

So let’s rock this market and create an awesome community of retail traders all focused on the same worthwhile goal – making lots of money!

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