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American Bulls, A Great Free Site For Candlestick Traders

Wondering if you called the right candlestick pattern on that stock you’re looking at? Find out at American

I’ve been trading forever and I’ve spent a TON of time looking for free trading tools online. In fact, I created RetailTRADER as a way to bring all of those free tools together and to offer them to small account retail traders like you.

Today I want to highlight a free trading tool I used a lot when I first started trading: AmericanBulls.Com.

This cool little site takes any symbol that you enter into their search field and it tells you what the last candlestick pattern that stock printed and what the current suggestion is for the trade.  It also tells you how well the signals have performed on that stock over a 6 month, 1 year and 2 year period.

Pretty cool.  Here’s their home page:


Once you’re on the homepage, enter the symbol you’re looking at into the top right corner search field, here:

american bulls 1

Today I’m looking at symbol LLNW, so I enter that symbol into the search field, and this is what I get:

LLNW (NASDAQ) Signal Page

I get a complete breakdown of the current candlestick pattern, a description of what the pattern means and a suggestion as far as what to do with my position.  in this case it’s: stay long.

Not bad all for a free tool.

So if you’re into candlesticks, head on over to They have a lot of great free tools and some premium tools: I think I had a membership there at some point.

And good luck out there!

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