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The Web is filled with amazing free trading resources.  And when you’re just starting out trading you need every penny you can save to go into your trading account.

With charting packages, guru services, educational books and seminars and classes — your costs can really add up.

That’s why I created — so i could highlight all of these amazing resources and show newer traders where to find them.


If you like Japanese candlestick charts then we have some great websites for you to visit. From educational to trade signal oriented, these are some great places to spend an afternoon.


If you want to get good at reading charts, you will have to study chart patterns. I personally like chart patterns because each one is like a mini trading system with it’s own failure and success rates and trading properties. You know when one has worked and you know when one is failing.

With that said, here is a list of sites that do a good job of helping you learn what chart patterns are and how to trade them…


There are a ton of free trading videos on the web. If fact, there are so many that we decided to create a completely separate website dedicated to them.

At RetailVIDEOS you will find the best in free trading videos from around the web.  Technical analysis, trading education, stock market documentaries, they’re all there.  Enjoy.

Visit RetailVIDEOS.


Good charts are essential to making informed market decisions. Here’s a list of great free charts available on the web…


It’s good to know the opinion of others regarding the current market climate.  Read about their approaches, thoughts on the market, trade ideas, trading systems and more. It’s amazing what you can learn from other knowledgable traders.

But be careful. There’s a lot of mis-information out there in the trading space. Below are my personal favorites.


Get up to the minute stock market news at any of the links below.  While I don’t specifically trade the news, I do use it to gauge the sentiment of the market as a whole.


Want to see how different services rank your stock pick? Check out these websites for ideas.  As always, be sure to do your own homework, and never trade off a stock rank as if it were 100% fact.


Stock screeners are a great way to narrow down your trade ideas and compare them against each other. My favorite stock screeners give you a ton of searchable criteria and line up charts side by side so you can great visual representation and make a clear comparison between possible trades.

Below are  list of my favorite free stock screeners.  Enjoy.


Education is probably the most important topic out of all others because the foundation you set for yourself will dictate how much profit you can make. Skimp here and you could do damage to your account for years to come. Check out to the links below for some of the best free trading education resources on the web.


Find the right forum and you will have found an online community that can help you at ever stage of your trad- ing education and growth. One thing to watch out for: there are quite a few egos out there and many of those egos believe their style of trading is the only style of trading.

Be careful to take all advice with a grain of salt. If it works for you, fantastic. If someone’s advice doesn’t work, get more opinions!


News for traders is quite different from news for investors. These websites offer up to date trading information, ideas, essays and commentary.


When you’re learning to trade, why not try out your skills with fake money and save your real capital for when you know what you’re doing?

It’s important to have a firm grasp of trading principles before you put your hard earned money at risk. One way to do that is by utilizing a stock market simulator.

With a stock simulator, a good one at least, you will get a professional looking trading platform that will closely mimic a live trading account.  You will be able to take trades and track wins and losses just as you would if you were trading for real.

This will teach you 2 things:

  • Trading is not as easy as you think it is
  • You will never be right 100% of the time

While you still won’t have to manage the emotions that come with trading real capital, you will get to devise a method that works for you so that when you do go live, you will have a small idea of what to expect.

That said, here are our favorite free trading simulators.