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Get Rid of Trading Clutter — Improve Trading Results

I spent the better part of this weekend decluttering my house.

Inspired by a couple minimalism theme blogs like this one — my girlfriend and I systematically went through each room in the house and separated everything we own into the four categories.

  • Stuff we needed
  • Stuff we could sell
  • Stuff we could donate
  • Trash

I have to say, this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!  Gone is the extra TV in the bedroom, gone are several pairs of sneakers I never wear anymore, gone are the trading books I’ve already read…

By the time we were done — we were both VERY relaxed.  In fact, I can’t remember being this relaxed in a long time.  I’m talking about a deep, intense relaxation that comes from knowing you’ve turned a corner in your life and that you won’t be going back.

Of course — as with anything I do in life — I tied it all into trading somehow.

When I first started trading, I loaded up all of my charts with crazy indicators and fib retracement levels and lines and squiggles. It seemed like every trading website I went to talked about a new trading indicator and my charts collected them all like a basement filling with junk.

None of it helped to make me any money. In fact, it had the opposite effect. I never knew WHAT I was looking at on the charts — or which indicators to use — or what a buy signal looked like or what a sell signal looked like.

Then I read this book on trading strategies and it began to make sense.  NONE of the indicators I was using produced enough of an edge to make money consistently.  None of them.

When I read that I cleared off my charts and learned how to read simple price action.  And it had the same effect as decluttering my house did.  Relaxation!  I mean, I could actually see what I was trading! At last! Double bottoms, continuations, breakouts!  They were all there.

There’s a reason why the massive retail traders (Dan Zanger, Nicolas Darvas, Timothy Sykes) work with a few trusted chart patterns.  Because it works!  Seeing what you’re trading works!  Also, you start to realize that the real key to success in the market isn’t a freaking indicator — it’s you.

It’s all about you.

So go ahead — declutter.  I dare you.  Wipe your charts clean, like I talk about here — and see if it doesn’t help!  And clean out your house, too!  You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

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