Stock Trading

Perfect Chart SBGI

I like to look at the charts of perfect trades. I do this because I want my brain to know WITHOUT A DOUBT what a perfect trade looks like so I’ll know when I’m in one and I’ll know when I’m not.


Because, if left to its own devices, my brain will lie like a lying liar who lies.

To avoid that I look at as many perfect charts as I can.   Like this one of $sbgi.

Here we see SBGI breakout of a huge 4 month basing pattern.  After a couple days of back and forth trading SBGI takes off and doesn’t look back for 2 weeks.

How awesome is that?  Right?  It’s not a trade I took, but it is the TYPE of trade I look for.

So next time you’re in a trade you’re not sure about, take a look at this chart.  Is your trade doing this?  SHOULD it be doing this?  If it’s not, why is it still open?

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