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Thanks for visiting RetailTRADER.info — trading is my passion and connecting with other retail traders and sharing my passion is what this site is all about. There’s a ton of trading info on this site so let’s start with an overview.

Free Trading Resources

This is what RetailTRADER is all about.  The web is filled with some amazing free trading resources and for the the last 8 years I have been compiling the best of them here.

Trading Articles

Over the last year I have put up 200 posts on the topic of trading.  Everything from Weekly market wrap ups to commentary to trade reviews to educational articles designed to help you make money trading.  You will find the best of those articles below.

Top 10 Trading Articles

Here is a list of the most visited trading articles on the site, the best of the best if you will.

Market Updates

Want to know how I feel about the current market climate or what I see in the indexes?  Check out my weekly market updates.


Do you love trading videos? I do. And there are ton of great ones on the web. There are also a ton of crappy ones. At RetailTRADER we aggregate the best and filter out the rest and you can find them all here.  Enjoy.

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To find out more about who I am, why I started this site and how I trade, check out the following:


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