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Updated: May 3, 2016

Strategies and trade ideas — now we’re talking!  This is what trading’s about after all.  Isn’t it? Hunting through tons of stocks to come up with actionable trade ideas that we can use to increase our account size.

At RetailTRADER I’m always looking for new trade ideas based on my trading strategies. All day long.  Outside of my other non-market interests, it’s the only thing I do.

When it comes to trading I use a very simple price action method that I call “Breakouts, Continuations, New Highs and Reversals” after the four major market patterns that occur in every trend.  You can read more about that method trade here.

I apply this method to the several different strategies that I trade.  I call those strategies by the following names —

  • ExtremePriceAction
  • BrandNameStocksOnSale
  • RetailRockets

Okay — so let’s take a closer look at each one so you can get a better idea of what I do and why I do it!


These trade ideas focus on the most insane stocks in the market.  The huge movers both up and down.  We are talking momentum CITY.  If it’s moving — I am looking at it.  And trust me, trading these suckers is HARD.  but I’m up for the challenge — because this is the only way retail traders have ever made any SERIOUS money.  These trades can last a few minutes to a couple weeks and rarely longer.


Once again, just like the name sounds. If it’s a big, brand name stock and it has been beaten into the ground by news that everyone has overreacted to then I want to be looking at it. If I can determine that the recent crappy price action is an actual overreaction and that there is value in the stock I will take a longer term position and watch it play out.


Stocks trading at 52 week highs can make some amazing trades if you enter them right and you hold on as long as the trend lasts. And that’s what this category is all about. Looking for high flying trade ideas to shoot up, up and away!

In Conclusion

Those 3 portfolios above are the main ways I trade the market.  I don’t always trade them perfectly and I’m learning more about them everyday — and that’s what I post here. If you want to see what I do and how I do it, then these trades are the place.

More Info

For more info — check out our weekly market update and also and trade ideas and weekly watchlists we might post.