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Welcome fellow Retail Traders!  If you’re new to the stock market or to RetailTRADER you can start here to explore all of our educational content. If you have any questions or comments about trading or the website, feel free to email us at

Stock Market Overview

  1. What is the stock market?
  2. What is a stock?
  3. How do you make money trading?
  4. Investing or trading – what’s the difference?
  5. What is a Retail Trader?
  6. How Much Capital Do You Need to Start Trading?
  7. What Trading Tools Do You Need?
  8. Who Are The Best Brokers for Retail Traders?
  9. What Are The Different Types of Stock Market Orders and How Do You Use Them
  10. Stock Market Hours, Holidays and Calendar

Trading Basics

  1. What is top down trading?
  2. What is a bull market?
  3. What is a bear market?
  4. What is technical analysis?
  5. The 4 Major Types of Stock Charts
  6. The Major Trading Indicators and What They Mean
  7. Support and Resistance and What They Mean
  8. How to draw Trend Lines in Up and Down Markets and What They Represent
  9. The 4 Master Chart Patterns You Need to Learn Today
  10. Trend trading vs. Counter Trend Trading
  11. A Beginners Guide to Trading Breakouts
  12. The Top 10 Best Free Trading Resources for retail traders

Stock Selection Basics

  1. Why Stock Selection Begins with the Trend of the General Market
  2. How to Screen for Potential Trades
  3. The Best Free Stock Screeners Available

Money Management Basics

  1. What is Money Management?
  2. Important Trading Statistics & What They Mean
  3. The Best Way to Track Your Trading Stats
  4. Important Money Management Books for You to Read

Backtesting Basics

  1. What is Backtesting?
  2. How Can Backtesting Help Your Trading?
  3. How Not to Backtest.
  4. The Beginner’s Guide to Backtesting

Important Articles

  1. How Long Will it Take me to become a Profitable Trader?
  2. How to Set Up Your First Trading Plan & Why You Need One
  3. Everything That Can Go Wrong While You’re Trading
  4. The 10 Best Stock market Books for Beginning Traders
  5. My Top 10 Trading Rules
  6. Why You Need to Learn How to Be Wrong to Win at Trading
  7. Free Vs. Cheap. Don’t Skimp on Education

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If you have any questions or comments about trading or the website, feel free to email us at