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Watchlist Update — FFM Racks up Killer 1 Week 44 Percent Gain

Last week’s watchlist rocked!  With a huge winner in $FFM.  That puppy seriously took off and made the rest of the watchlist look like chumps.

It’s always awesome to see that happen and it really reiterates the reason why I trade low priced stocks.  Here’s how the watchlist ended the week.

2 losers and 5 winners — I’ll take that any week.

And like I said, look at FFN — a solid 44% gain — in a single week!


Because I love — and I mean LOVE — collecting stats I’m going to keep a record of watchlist trades and how they do.

This is because you learn by paying close attention.  You learn by checking out what’s working and abandoning what’s not working.

One note — these stats are unusually good.  These types of numbers never continue for very long because the market balances out over time.

So far we’ve put down 13 trades and have had an impressive 76% win rate!

My normal average is closer to 50-60% so like I said, these numbers are high.

But seriously — who’s complaining!

Tonight — 5 to 10 more picks.  Let’s see how these do.

With the market getting overbought, this should be interesting.




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