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Watchlist Update: FFN Friend Finder Networks Blasts Off For Huge 2 Day Run

$FFN — this stock was profiled in my Sunday Night Watchlist Update and has already skyrocketed 41% since that time. 


This is what I’m talking about with low priced stocks.  They can really bring home the gains for small account traders by making things happen fast.

The rest of the portfolio is pretty flat, but you only need one strong standout gainer to make things happen.  Of course, my main goal in the market is to find highlight more of these trades and learn to skip by the flat ones.

Here’s an updated chart:

Nice run here -- foreshadowed by great volume on the turn 3 days ago.

As it’s my goal to lock in 20-30% moves, at 41% this would definitely be a closed trade right now, or an open one with a really tight stop.  Either way it would be check-marked a winner.


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