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Why Is The Internet Freaking Out About Apple — Again?

Okay, so this last week, Apple unveiled some new products — and of course — the ENTIRE internet had to say something about it. Including your aunt Mildred who is probably on Facebook right now talking about Apple.

Anyway, before we get into any of that, let’s talk about the products.

The New MacBook

Which looks like what it is supposed to be — a lower end, entry level Air — for peeps who don’t want to shell out for a MacBook Pro. It’s a little pricey…but so is every other product that Apple makes.

And guess what — people still buy them by boat load. If, by boat, you mean the biggest vessel to have ever sailed on the ocean, and looks like this:

freight boat

The big issue that everyone is having with it? It only has one port. So for people who want to connect a coffee maker and/or a microwave to it, yeah, it will probably suck…


MacBook, y u no have Keurig port?

But for those Apple fans who are looking for something super slim and functional, then…booom…there you go.


The Apple Watch

Which, apparently, was created to make the entire world go insane on the internet.

Here it is:


Looks cool to me.

It tells the time. Has interchangeable bands.  Does a bunch of other stuff.

I don’t know — what was it supposed to do? Clean my room? Predict the future? Shave this guys beard…


I don’t get it.

If I don’t like something I usually don’t waste my time with it. I don’t feel the need to go insane because someone put out a product that I don’t like.


Imagine what would have happened to me after this came out…


And so what does Apple stock look like at the moment — because honestly, that’s all we care about anyway, right? How to make money from a company that’s making a lot of money?

Here’s the chart…

aapl  chart

Looks like it has been pulling back off highs but is still above its 50 day MA.  Until that cracks I see no reason to worry.

So whatever. There you have my take. Apple put out some new stuff. Everyone hates it. Everyone will buy it. Apple will continue to take over this…

apple mac universe

The end.

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